The list of ways in which you can help us with your time and resources are long and varied.

Our most pressing needs are as follows:

In preparation of the 2022 walk:

We need volunteers to host, attend and sponsor Bracelet days. All we need is your hands and time to help us make the beads for the day of the walk

On the day of the event:

We will need marshals, both before the walk to map out and put up signs for attendees and during the walk

We need marshals along the route during the course of the walk

Volunteers can help us out by tending to some of our crafts tables as well as handing out beads, seeded hearts and water at registration

The registration table will need officials to check entries

For the support items we supply to mommies, doulas, midwifes and hospitals, we need the following:

Crochet groups or meetings to assist with making of beanies and crochet hearts