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Posted by eNuus on Monday, 21 October 2019

“Thank you to the organizers. The event was so well organized and it brought me some healing (along with some
tears). Being around 200 other people who get it! Thank you Amanda Dean, Jackie
and all the other ladies for the bracelet, the ribbon , the photo , the flower I will plant ,
for the walk, and for the beautiful words said .This was appreciated ❤”

‘It was more emotional than I thought it was going to be. So sad to see so
many people affected by loss going through the same feeling. You feel so alone and
isolated. I knew a lot of people are affected by this but it’s different seeing so many
families and their little angels. I’m so happy to see how much has changed since I
lost Alex. When he was born there was so little support, and so little awareness. I
have so many regrets in my loss, wishing I had better pictures of him and spent more
time, making more memories. So happy we can minimise that regret and make this
really hard and painful loss a tiny bit better. Having something to wear for your baby,
having photos of our angel, having people guide you through your loss and also
teaching hospitals how to deal with this.’

‘This event means a lot, realising how many people have been affected, is really
tough but also reassuring to see that people are here with their new babies so it’s
reassuring to see that there is life after loss . Sometimes it feels like this is it, there’s
nothing beyond this and then seeing people here with their little ones it feels like
there’s more to it , life goes on, you don’t get stuck here; you don’t have to stay here
if you get stuck here. We are already planning on coming back next year . We have
a friend here from Germany, and 14 family members and friends that came to
support us and they all said they will come annually. Thank you for this event. It’s the
last thing you think about when you are pregnant, you only think about all the
happiness and excitement.’

‘This event is a brilliant idea, because I never knew about Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness
and my sister lost a baby 6 years ago but never got the support like I got. Maybe my
loss can be a drop in the ocean to help other mothers .I have never heard of an
event like this in South Africa. Maybe because I never had a loss and since having
lost Jackson I’ve seen so many things going around and only a hand full of people
actually know about it . This event has opened my eyes as so how many people

have lost a baby. There’s always so much support for cancer, breast cancer, even
rare diseases but there’s nothing for this. This event has made me see that there’s
just so many more of us . “

‘We love to get everybody
involved, not just the mommy’s who have lost babies. This event means everybody
came to celebrate my little girl’s life, because she existed. Acknowledging that she
existed means a lot to me. If this event happens again, we will be a BIGGER group!”